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Afrohouse-weekend 25/10 was a great success!

Kizombaumea Emmeli - Tuesday, October 28, 2014

New videos up, Afrohouse & Kizomba-improvisation!

This past weekend Kizomba Umeå had a guest-teacher visiting  from Paris, France.  First we had regular-courses in Kizomba as usual, after that we had a 1 hour workshop in Afrohouse, continuing with a regular Kizomba-social.

It was a lot of fun, very appreciated by our Kizombies here in Umeå! We recorded some from the workshop, plus me & Hardenn also made a video of social-dancing Kizomba to share with you. And if anyone's wondering about my hand, I had a misfortune while cooking food on Friday, cutting myself on the knife, getting blood-poisoning. Getting better now though, soon well again!
Watch the videos here:

Hope you like them!
And hope to see you soon at our coming BIG event this weekend, Kizombie Weekend, with the fantastic teachers João Rocha & Giedré Lapaité.

Read more and sign up here a.s.a.p to secure a spot:

Thanks for all of Your support, and thanks to you Hardenn for your participation this weekend!
Kizzou, kalinou
// Emm

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