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Kizombaumea Emmeli - Tuesday, March 21, 2017

 In the photo: Anna-Marja & Mau Kobri. Photographer: Jelena Prakrasnaya

Ladies styling at Umeå Dansfestival
25-26 Mars 2017 

More info about the event, when & where: CLICK HERE.
Here a message from the instructor at the ladies styling workshop:


My name is Anna-Marja and I totally fell in love with Kizomba the moment I tried it last autumn here in Umeå. Since then I have gone to 2 courses here in Umeå with Emmeli as a teacher, and my first kizomba festival was Sweden Kizomba Festival in Gothenburg last year. I would definitely say that after that festival there was no way back, I had found my passion. Since then I have gone to Kiss Festival in Stockholm, Sensual Dance Symposium in Madrid, Stockholm Semba Weekend and Sweden Kizomba Festival this year again. I have been active the first year in the board of the Dance Community Kizomba Umeå, and I almost never miss a social here in Umeå, where I now and then also show some nice steps. The concect lady styling was very new for me until last autumn I would say and today I really believe that it is something that all ladies should try and practice to become more secure in their dance with a partner.

I am far from an expert since I am in the learning phase too, but I'm very excited and happy to have the opportunity to have this workshop for you ladies! I want to highlight that this class is for everyone that is curious about this and even if you don't know the basic of kizomba you can enter the class. I will guide you through some typical ladies styling steps and we will put them into a small choreography.

Bring your best mood and come and enjoy this ladies styling workshop with me!
If you have dance shoes with high heels I suggest you to bring them for a more nice feeling.

See you at Sunday 12 PM @Umeå Dansfestival in the room "Miklagård"
Kizz kizz / Anna-Marja

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